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Queen OF Hope Pageant American Cancer Society

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Pageant Entries Now being accepted for the American Cancer Society Queen of Hope Pageant  

The Search is on for our first Queen of Hope for the 2019 Queen of Hope. You can obtain your entry package 

here at the American Cancer Society Land..http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/American Cancer Society/45/46/502

. Get in on the action now.. The ten contestants with the most 

votes will move on to the finals from which our Queen and two princesses will be chosen... Entry fee is only

250L and goes to American Cancer Society. Package includes a Valuable Evening Gown that is just beautiful,

information hud, and entry form.  Your picture will be posted at the American Cancer Society Site and all your friends 

can come vote for you there... For More information you may IM Jenny Dearest. or send a notecard. Thankyou and 

good luck!

2019 Queen of Hope Search 2.png

Zuri's RFL Queen of Hope Crown - AmethystDiaSparkle.png

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36 minutes ago, VioletScrivener said:

I assume because you can only enter the contest at the destination OP provided.

it still doesn't belong here, but in events, like all the other messages about it.

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