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10 minutes ago, QveenEnvie said:

I want to start making and selling shapes but i don't know where to start or what to do any. help or tips ?

not post randomly at a non related sections of the forum is a good first step :)


you can make shapes simply inworld with your avatar editor. You need to think about the problem these days : many mesh bodies, even more mesh heads... and ALL need their own shape... no body or no head will look good or close to your original when it's not designed for that.

Also you need to be sure the skin appliers, those make a huge part of the appearance. In most cases even more than the shape.
And lets be honest.. you need to buy all of that or you'll not keep up with the constant new flow of skins, heads, bodies.... that can go about a real serious amount of real money.

Selling your work can be easely done at MP, how to set up a store you can find on the help there.
Or join events for inworld sales. Also if you want to have a "base" start a inworld shop.

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