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Joystick's is hiring!!!

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Joystick’s is looking for more creative and enthusiastic people to help entertain their growing public.


What is Joystick’s? We’re a growing online community for gamers where people can share their love for games new and old. Our second life location is an 80s style community sim with our arcade/ club in the center of it. While the majority is made up of those in the furry community, we are inclusive to all shapes of life. Just please, no minors on sim. So sorry :)


What’s the pro for working with us?

  • You keep all the tips you make.

  • Minimum 2 hours every week.

  • Little experience required. We are happy to train you!

  • Variety of things to do! Don’t want to DJ this week? How about Game night? Movies? Your call!

Interested? Apply through our online application today to get started!


For DJs:  https://tinylink.net/7gsrP

For Hosts: https://goo.gl/forms/7By86d9lIaLnB46w2

For Streamers: https://tinylink.net/hVtwE

(this includes game streamers, art streamers, etc)



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