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Club EPIC! is Hiring! [DJs & Hosts]

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Epic Entertainment, is looking to add to its talented group of DJs & Hosts as it continues to expand its name across the SL Grid.

You receive 100% of your tips as you should, and there is no genre lock, as we want you to be yourself. We’re looking for hardworking, and loyal staff to become part of our team.

Now here's what we expect from you.

- No Zombie DJing/Auto Greeters. We want our DJs to interact with the patrons, if you're live mixing and using voice, that's fine but, we don't want anyone feeling like the DJ is just sitting on Facebook ignoring Second Life and letting a playlist do their work for them.
- One set a week is bare minimum, we hope to have at least a two-set commitment from each DJ if possible.

- No copy & pasting your greetings. Just with the DJs, we want our patrons to feel connected to the club and that's part of the hosts job. 
- One set a week is bare minimum, we hope to have at least a two-set commitment from each Host if possible.

If you've made it this far, what more are you waiting for? Our application and landmark are below, so if you just want to apply without seeing the club, feel free, although I do encourage you to come take a look

Our Application is here :  https://goo.gl/forms/cd8NHXYDnqjOObxX2
Our Taxi is here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maureen/79/64/22 

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