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  • Fully furnished with the ability to return unwanted items!:D
  • The Living room overlooks the west coast and has sash windows as well as a door that will lead you onto the porch and beach.
  • Kitchen diner with French doors that open out onto the second gazebo overlooking the waterfall and a small brook.
  • Two bedrooms (or convert one bedroom to a study). 
  • Spacious bathroom.
  • Lights and windows can be controlled and tinted from the panels on the walls.
  • Xancast Radio allows you to select your own music choice.
  • The back porch leads you to your very own waterfall and private gazebo. 
  • Security Provided, allowing you to switch on/off or add/remove friends or guests.
  • The grounds of the house have a splendid amount of foliage and flowers, not to mention an abundance of pine trees and beach. 
  • As with all of our Little Robin Cottages the grounds are maintained by the Estate grounds staff and subject to seasonal changes.
  • Rent per week L$ 2658
  • Usable Prims 1253
  • New Renters-Pay six weeks get one week Free on top.

To view this delightful home, please visit: Sea Breeze House

Or, view our other homes at: Estate Rentals

You can also contact: Douglas-TodALeRDALE Stine

Alba Islands website



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