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Willow Grove Art Centre Hiring Paid Positions- Event Helper, Lead Advertiser, and Advertisers

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Willow Grove Art Center (WGAC) is seeking dedicated people to fill positions within it's organization.  Each of the following positions is paid and will be discussed in a face to face interview.  All positions are subject to change.

Advertisers- 3 positions open
Advertisers will be given exactly what they need to post. They will be paid per post.  Knowledge of social media is a must.  If you do not have an account for your SL AV, it will be required for the position.  Additional knowledge of in-world advertising channels is a plus.   

Lead Advertiser- 1 position
The lead Advertiser will be in charge of ensuring all posts are done, keeping track of them each week, submitting information to owner/s, making sure posts are quality, writing quality, engaging posts, and attending occasional meetings.

Event Helper- 1 Position
Willow Grove Art Centre holds an Art based event which changes from month to month.  We are seeking a helper to aid in these events. Some of the tasks may include, but are not limited to: addressing artist/vendor questions and concerns, attending meetings, decorating, addressing employee questions and concerns, planning events, etc.

You can find the application here:

Any questions can be sent using a notecard in world to Beyonkah Resident

Visit WGAC in world


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