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Looking for a Job

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My name is Wu Lin and i'm a 26 y.o Girl from Taiwan who lives in Germany now. 

In SL i'm known under the name Tainakachan or Lin. And i have my own goals that i want to reach. But  for my Goals i need some L$. So that's why i'm looking for a Job. First i wanna get me a Mesh body, and then later i want to start my own club.  

I sadly don't have enough Skill or Talent for Jobs like DJ or as a Creator. But that doesn't mean that i'm useless :D 

I can;

- Translate from English to German, German to English, Chinese to English/German. 

- Be a Dancer in a Club (G,M,A) + Voice Chat. 

- Complete tasks that are necessary. 

- Make Forums, use Photoshop... 

- Escort with VC or without

Maybe something more but i'm kinda new, so i don't know a lot of stuff


If you find me good enough for a Job just write me :)


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