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2 minutes ago, KanryDrago said:

So its gone pancake mode mostly? That to me means its even less worth going there as I can get anything Sansar offers already in SL. What actually is the point of sansar now?

Probably nothing for you as you say.

The atmosphere is gorgeous and the skyboxes (quarter sim surrounds with sky and sometimes houses far below) can make some environments that we don't see in SL. My "stuff" looks super impressive in the lighting which you can set so that everyone sees things as you want them to see.  The uploader is high tech with lots of great options and your build comes in all textured.  

Really, right now I think it is --- like most new platforms -- a place for creators to stretch their wings and play and forget that there are a myriad of events that are clamoring for their attention. Sometimes we just need a break. 


And to @Blush Bravin  I suspect it is the creators causing the long uploads -- in large part anyway.  This judging from some chatter on DISCORD. Also, the new Rodenberry exhibit that just opened had several rooms and tons of folks when I was there (too crowded and I left) and it loaded within a minute even with folks piling in after me.   


And to 

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1 minute ago, Blush Bravin said:

They are not giving up on VR. The intention all along was to create a platform that worked well in VR but also not to forget desktop users along the way. So stay tuned. It's still very early in Sansar development.

It will be always early in its development because no one has any reason to go there that I can see except for a few creators trying it out, the rest visit and go meh

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A bit over two weeks of working everyday (with lots of things already made of course for SL) and I have published my first experience.

I was a bit worried as we all know about those 30 minute downloads and no one (NO ONE) was willing to give any hints on "Best Practices" and downloads.  Happily the site seems to have an average download speed of about 15 seconds which is pretty much unheard of in Sansar :D. So I am a happy gal.  I learned a lot and definitely got my feet wet. 


The mesh is made in Blender with Cycles textures (natch) which is definitely NOT the norm for Sansar. I has a different look than the other experiences I have visited, more dreamy (my environment setting probably has a bit to do with that).  I pretty much used my SL knowledge of how to build a fast loading an unlaggy site -- and happily it worked.   

So stop by and wander around if you are out and about. I am happy to answer any building questions.    

RANCH LIFE   (not sure if I am supposed to put in an "outside" link here but you should be able to find it -- or poke me).  


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