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equipped looks for new logos

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hi  looking a soccer club logo and a flag which contains club logo(emblem badges,all same to me
 its a soccer team badge which also will be put on all jerseys
Club name is equipped(with small caps)colours:Pink,Purple,Yellow,Red (on Pink,Purple,Yellow with a little heart shape)

colours on emblem's order shows which one is how much Pink,Purple,Yellow,Red(Red in a shape of heart)
 badges which must tell right Second Life's first Soccer team

i want as soon as possible

i show our colours with this pictures and a unique soccer team badge which your design must not looks like to this must be unique and better,quality one5b5ee69265336_examplebadge.png.9ba776439620f7d02a4e772592264925.png


See You

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I can create your sign.

My rules:

  • you must pay for the work, 50% deposit
  • i will create 3 sample by your idea, if you haven't got ideas, i can show some idea before i start the work
  • if you saw the samples, i will create the definitive sign
  • sign file formats: .svg, .psd, .png, .dae
  • you can download the source files

Price: 5000L$ / project

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