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Join the family! Roles to be filled.

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Hello my brother and sister and I are looking to start a even bigger family. We're looking for dedicated people who would not just log off randomly and never show back up in weeks. We have a application (poorly made at that) and we do have a one week testing period, but can do longer if needed. We use Xeolife as we track our needs meters to add more fun and urgency in situations. Any characters are welcome! If that be a drunken fairy or a sassy secretary of some sorts, go for it! We love creativity. I don't mind if someone stays on my lot and lives with me, I mean that's what families do. So if you need a place, let me know and we can work out arrangements. If you want to use your own lot as your home, we hope you make it accessible for our role play as family members do visit each other. If you would like to have other family members live there as well IM me. We don't mind half families coming in such as a couple with a child. 

Roles to be filled:

  • Butler for Chantilly
  •  Butler for Vintage
  • Villain with evil celery.
  •  Husband/boyfriend for Chantilly
  •  Dog for Chantilly
  • Cat for Vintage
  •  Wife/gf for Vintage
  • Husband/boyfriend for Vintage
  • Father for Vintage and Chantilly
  • Mother for Vintage and Chantilly
  • Grandparents 

If interested IM in-world Chantilly Kaleidoscope and I can send over the app and answer any questions!We'd be happy to have you!

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For some reason cannot edit my previous post. So double posting, sorry! Some roles have been filled here is a updated list. 

  • Villain with evil celery. 
  • Wazabaza would like a gf that possibly becomes wife
  • Husband/boyfriend for Chantilly
  • Dog for Chantilly
  • Cat for Vintage
  • Girlfriend for Vintage
  • Boyfriend for Vintage
  • Grandparent of Father or mother
  • Mother and/or Father of adult characters in early 20's. 
  • Other Role you might think we need that you would like to make or apply for, we're open minds. 
  • (We also have a journalist role available if interested, this could be applied to any of the roles above. You would be writing weekly news, or daily up to you about what happens.) 

Our website with more info https://kaleidoscopeclan.enjin.com/ Feel free to read FAQ in forum. We do tours and trials if needed. You can also IM me if have questions. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1050 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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