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Help with getting a good outfit

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Although it says i've been here for 4 years, i'm still kind of new because i've barely been on and never really tried to get the hang of SL. But I really want to try now. At this moment, I don't have Lindens nor can I buy any. Maybe sometime in the future! 

Any help is appreciated. Thank you! :)

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Welcome back! :)

You don't need to spend money to enjoy SL. There are lots of quality freebies available, though it takes time to build up a quality wardrobe, and be prepared to throw out most of what you collect. You could start with a visit to the Free Dove (search for it in-world) which is a whole warehouse full of freebies, and follow freebie blogs like FabFree, which features quality new freebies every day and shop groups worth joining.

You will find that a lot of clothes (especially shoes) now are designed to fit particular brands of mesh bodies, but they often work well on system bodies too. You could get yourself a free mesh body by going to the EBody shop inworld (search for it) and getting their two free bodies, and you might find it works better than the system body for many clothes.

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