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Posh Lounge Hiring DJ's, Dancers, Hosts, and an Assistant Manager!

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Posh Lounge is a new Nightclub in the city of Cedar Creek. Our aim is to be a small but very lavish and luxurious nightclub experience. We need staff immediately to help us get the club going. We have a party this weekend (flyer will be below post) so check us out!

Disc Jockey's (DJ's) - We are looking for new and experienced persons who have a passion for music and loves to have a good time. Our DJ's will have at least one 2 hour shift per week, and the pay is $11 (USD) an hour either as cash to your PayPal or as linden (2750 Linden per hour). Fill out the application at our website and one of our hiring managers will get back to you.

Hosts -  We are in need of hosts for our club. Hosts are expected to work once a week at least with them picking up as many shifts as you want beyond that. You should have a good sized friend list as we will ask you to spread the word about a party to your friends and groups. Pay for this position is 9.00 an hour USD or 2250 Linden an hour. Pay is either by PayPal or Linden. We ask all hosts to work a trial run for two hours and the pay during the trial run is $4.00 an hour just to ensure you're a good fit for our club.

Dancers - Do you like to boogie? We are looking for dancers for our staff. Dancers work for tips only but receive full benefits like other jobs.

Assistant Manager- We are looking for someone to help us run the club so we don't have to be online all the time. This person will advertise for club events, advertise for vacant positions, interview potential job candidates and make sure things run smoothly. Pay is 4500 Linden a week and hours varies. You should have contacts and groups where you can advertise jobs and events!

Fill out an Application at our website and we will get back to you ASAP!


  • Housing Benefit in one of the Wingate Trust Properties. (Free)
  • One Week Paid Vacation after Six Months of Work.
  • 1 Sick Day earned per every six weeks which is paid.


  • Must have Discord to stay in touch.
  • Must be able to pick up shifts with 48 Hr notice.
  • Be dependable!
  • Be honest!



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Assistant Manager hired.

Only looking for 1 more DJ and 2 more hosts and dancers (quite a few more slots for dancers). We pay Cash or linden your choice.

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