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Parcels for Sale/Rent at Darling Beach


Darling Beach (M) is beautifully designed and landscaped. It has walkways and public areas, lots of water and beaches, with good sized for sale/rent parcels of many sizes. Perfect for personal use and for businesses. We limit the number of rentals in the Sim to make sure that there is no lag. We also provide a "skylands" area above the entirety of the Sim. You can use the land for one thing, the skylands for another, and of course create your own skybox above your parcel for even more space and more options.

Below are some of the parcels currently available:


DB01 - Kor Beach         [ 4000 Sqm / 1830 Prims ]   (Map URL

DB02 - Sonora Beach    [ 4048 Sqm / 1853 Prims ]  (Map URL)

DB03 - Tiki Commons  [ 2944 Sqm / 1347 Prims ]  (Map URL)

DB04 - St. Ives Beach   [ 3056 Sqm / 1398 Prims ]  (Map URL)

DB07 - Casa Senna       [ 1824 Sqm /   834 Prims ]  (Map URL)

DB08 - Mia Solera        [ 2784 Sqm / 1259 Prims ]  (Map URL)

DB10 - Casa Barbara    [ 1776 Sqm /   812 Prims ]  (Map URL)


DB12 - Destiny Island  [ 2672 Sqm / 1223 Prims ]  (Map URL

* Availability Subject to Change without Notice *


We have 5 other Sims with different layouts, landscaping, and design. Visit our Main Rental Office to all the available options available. Rental Lands and houses, Sale/Rent Parcels, Skyboxes, and more! Come find your perfect place today at Darling Beach, Darling Coast, Darling Estates, Darling Keys, Darling Paradise and Darling Resort (A).


[ Facebook Page ]

 [ Main Rental Office ]

[ Available Rentals in all 5 Sims ]


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