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I'd love an urban fantasy sim, but medieval is fine too as long as it's based on material I can read offline. I've had trouble finding one I could really settle into and I think that's part of my problem; it's easier to relate to an urban setting. I gotta look things up for anything else. Which is great, it's fun to learn, but it's not as easy as what I need in my life right now. Plus, a lot of medieval fantasy seems to be this person or that person's take on already established properties where it's just different enough that I have to read their stuff rather than go by what's already in print.

Urban fantasy is kind of my favorite anyway. I love the idea of witches with a mess of notes and texts and calendar events on their phones where their grimoire is just spilling out into this piece of crap pay-as-you-go phone with a cracked screen and a failing battery. Dryads that pose as topiary in the park just waiting for someone to litter. Brownies that "volunteer" at the local homeless shelter where nobody's going to say the food they eat is payment. Demons working in middle management. Pastel goths with really good body mods.

       Apart from setting:

  • I don't care if sex is a thing or not on sim as long as consent is (and as long as sex isn't the main focus of the sim).
  • Multiple (mandatory) groups could be a problem for me. I'm at 40 groups rn and I can only drop a couple.
  • An active Discord is a plus especially if they use it in place of race/faction/business groups. Please, if the sim you suggest uses it put that in your post. I'd want to look at them first.
  • Reasonable dress codes. Please don't expect me to dress my dryad. She doesn't even have nips lol
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Maybe check out this group!

I've been eyeing them forever now and the people are really nice. The sim is gorgeous, and their rules and overall RP setup is pretty simple. And they have a discord! They're not quite yet open but seem to be getting closer and closer!

Speaking of dryads too, BTW, I'm actually coming up with a dryad character myself for this sim. :P

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51 minutes ago, Shauna Greymoon said:

Ooo that looks nice! I'll have to check them out ♥ A recommendation from a fellow tree! :D


))But if you have any questions about the sim or the RP, for real, let me know! ^^((

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 826 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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