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Mark forum as read - again the confirmation?

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So I remember it was once an issue that when we used Mark Forum As Read option, the forum started to display extra pop up window asking Are you sure... and we had to press OK to make it happen, but earlier this option hadn't been present. I remember it was around a year ago and I think i one of Lindens claimed they had no control over that feature. 

I got used to that but not so long ago this pop up stopped to appear and I was able to mark forum as read without extra confirmation needed. That was great... until couple of days ago, when it came back. 

Since I don't see anyone else complaining, I wonder if this is only me who messed up account settings or something like this, or it really goes away and comes back (possibly with forum updates). Not that it disturbs me a lot, but it can be annoying when you get used to one way and suddenly it doesn't work like this anymore. 

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