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Let's see here - a six core, AMD CPU released in 2011, 8GB of RAM on a machine using Windows 7 with 2GB if texture memory set ....

By contrast the (shared) machine I am presently on is using an Intel i7 released in 2014 (4790k), 16GB of RAM with less than a single gigabyte of texture memory set, bandwidth less than seven hundred set, ultra preset with draw distance set to 128m, ALM on, shadows being rendered, an LoD of 3 (not exactly optimal there) .... on an nVidia GTX 980. The machine sitting behind me has somewhat similar specs though slightly older CPU on a Micro-ATX board and running a 1050 .... and it still runs with settings similar to the machine I am typing this response up on.

Worst framerate I have had thus far was on a sim with a LOT of mixed quality content or with a LOT of heavy complexity avatars around.

Yeah - if you can afford to do so you could use a few hardware upgrades. This machine took a while to put together.

Oh and as Love stated above - if you're not using the 64-bit version of your Second Life client of choice - assuming one is available - you really ought to.

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Start with more RAM and work from there. Your OS is going to tend to reserve a bit of that for itself and honestly (from personal experience) Windows tends to be a bit unkind when it comes to fully releasing RAM when a program closes.

If you can afford to do so and if your motherboard supports it, see if you can get a slightly newer CPU - believe it or not your CPU can be a bottleneck even if the rest of your system is using new/recently produced hardware. That's actually one of the reasons this machine isn't using a 10 series nVidia GPU - the CPU would bottleneck it. That and some of the earlier models and driver combinations had ... issues.

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