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Pretty open-style house on land. You could split the land into 2 parcels (1024 sq meter each) and sell one of them if you want to avoid having to pay monthly tier. 

Waterfront access, quiet and peaceful. Land has lots of pretty trees and flowers and great animations in the furniture. Objects will be sold with the property, so you can move them around (but not copy them to inventory) after purchase. 

Nice beach with enough room to rez a boat. 
Price: 27,888 Linden for BOTH parcels together. 








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The price has been reduced to 19,999 L for 2048 square meters, which is a great rate for waterfront property. 

I've also added new furniture with excellent animations, which would be sold along with the land. Well over 6,000 high quality animations from Nerenzo, Stockholm & Lima,  Compulsion, and more. The house and furnishings could, of course, be deleted after you purchase the property if you don't need them. 

The ground can be somewhat terraformed to make more room for a boat if you wish. 

You could keep half of the parcel for your own free parcel, and sell the other half, which would make this a perfect home for a couple with premium accounts. 



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