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Need help finding an inworld animator....

Axiom Serenity
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That will work well with LARGE avatars [and average avatars too].

I can't get a good picture, but from teeth to tail tip, I'd say 15-20m long [It DWARFS average sized people, no godzilla or King Kong though], and from wing tip to wing tip, about the same length.

Even though its not my avatar, I'm looking to make custom animations for it... and they have to be fluid.

Any recommendations?

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A quicky question to help us animators out here know what to suggest is are you 'animating' a pile of prims made into a beasty or an actual Avatar?

I'm asking since you said "Even though it's not my avatar..." which made me wonder if it even was an Avatar at all... You mention LARGE & average avatars at the beginning but that 'not my avatar' comment threw me off a bit and there are completely different skills and approaches between the two.  Help us help you by clearing up whether it's a login and walk around controllable Avatar or a prim monster that sits all by itself and does its monster thing?  :o

Fingers crossed for you!

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That does clear it up, you certainly do need a clever animator!  By the looks of it the creator put some thought into the arm and leg positioning to make it all look good and work right for the creature.  I don't personally have any experience with animals other than walking tall beasts who are just big men with scary horns and fur so I wouldn't be best to help you with something walking on all fours.

My best suggestion would be to contact the current AO's animation creator (IM me if you don't know how to do that) and simply talk to them a bit about what you're thinking.  Many of my best and most appreciated animations have come from folks doing just that.  Someone will say "I'd like a stronger dose of this" or "a little less of that" and I'll figure out what to charge them based on whether it's a one-off unique creation or, as is more often the case, something I can work into an AO or HUD for sale to everyone which makes the project more affordable for them.

Fingers crossed... I know there are talented animal animators out there so hopefully they'll see this or you'll have luck making contact with the current AO creator.

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