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Lightesword Xue

Pet Battling System

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Hello, I remember a long time ago, there was a digital pet battling system you could place on your sim, kinda like 7Seas. Instead of fishing, you had pet servers on your sim you'd rez, you could buy a pet, and fight other people's pets and more.. sad thing is, that was 8 years ago and the maker of the system has long since been forgotten. Does anyone know of anything like this? I'm trying to find something like it for my Cyberpunk RP sim.

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For pet battling, I know Krafties is still a thing and it's pretty fun. It has a sort of crafting system too. I don't think their pets are breedable, but I could be wrong. I only tried them for a little bit.


And then there's Fennux, which are breedables, and they have a sort of combat system. I don't have much advice on them, but I know I've seen a good handful of breeders for them.

Both of these pet systems allow you to have the pet out and about with you, if I remember right, as a sort of attachment. And I believe both have items at their mainstores you can get to place on your sim so players can initiate combat there.

I hope that helps!

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