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Looking for host work

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I am currently looking for a hosting job! I am also open to working as a model. 

I am extremely peppy and have a great attitude. I love to talk and keep the conversation going; so there will never be a quiet moment while I'm working on the stage. I love to keep the patrons happy! If the guests aren't happy or don't feel welcome, they likely won't return and I like to make the place I work as welcoming as possible. Treating everyone as an old friend instead of someone you just met helps. I'm extremely reliable and am willing to work as many shifts as I can. I make sure to build relationships with my DJs as well to keep things running smoothly. I do have experience and can give references if needed or if it would help. 

Please let me know if you are interested or have any additional questions for me. I do currently only have furry avatars but would be willing to build a human avatar if needed. 

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