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Am I the only person in SL who finds My Marketplace impossible to crack?


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In order to place an item for sale on the market place you need to purchase an XStreet SL Magicbox (Free) - Search for and purchase that item from the marketplace. You'll need to place the items you wish to sell in the contents tab of the magicbox.

On the marketpace itself you need to click on the little "down arrow" next to "my marketplace" at the top and select "merchant home" - Under "Inventory > Manage inventory" you need to click "Sync Marketplace with Magicboxes" - After refreshing the page you should see all the items that you have placed inside the magicbox.

From there you will be able to click "Edit" to edit item details, add pictures, set price etc. - You can also "List" and "Unlist" your items from the marketplace in the "Manage Inventory" section.

Play around with it to see if you can get the hang of it. - In order to check if your items are indeed listed you can either search for them in the marketplace or you can click on "My Store" from the little drop down menu that you get when cicking the little "down arrow" next to "my marketplace" at the top (in between your account name and L$ balance).

Hope this helps - Good luck with your store and enjoy your Second Life™

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