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The Mermaid Retreat is Hiring in ALL POSITIONS!

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We are hiring for all positions at The Mermaid Retreat.

Info: The Mermaid Retreat is a relaxation spot for all creatures, humans, merfolk, sea-life, furries, and small avatars (no children). On an adult sim we are all about keeping people connected and having fun while doing so! We are centered to be a stress free zone where everyone can coexist and live out their second life.

What we are looking for: We are looking for people to be committed, fun- loving submerged citizens. People who don't take life so seriously and who can have fun and to have time on their hands. We expect you to be just as respectful to each other and other second life lifestyles as well as how you'd treat your friends in real life. Also, we're looking for people who work well in communicating and work well with others. We are a team and let's see that team spirit for support of The Mermaid Retreat as well as each other in a non judgemental environment. You'd have to be at least 3 months old, Active and have a good knowledge of Second life.

What positions we are offering: Security, Performers, Dj's, Hosts and Photographers.

Events time: We offer morning and evening events. Morning and Evening events. We do events usually close to the weekends. but we do weekdays as well depending on who is online.

We also have a good connection via discord for contact outside of secondlife.

Below is my channel so you can see what our events and performances are like for yourself.



If you are interested in a job contact Vivien0Koisera.

Thank you and good luck :D


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Oooh, a place for my never-a-secret rarely-used mermaid (Sandi Whippet) to check out. Not sure I'm looking for an actual job, but I can do "photography" as well as the best you've seen, so maybe that sort of thing will give me some purpose. :)

Ummm. SLURL or GROUP URI, please?

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hello I'm tamir I am new it would be nice if you can help me with a job if not I truly understand. I have plenty of free time I'm a fast learner I'm very nice and easy to get along with so if it isn't to much to ask please get back to me.

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