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What Skin might this be?

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Hey! =)

I've just been crawling through my screenshots folder where I've seen several pictures I took of people with skins that all really emphasize the eyes (these fine lines below them).

Now I'm REALLY wondering what vendor creates these skins, perhaps one of you has an idea? Thank you!


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It is really hard sometimes to tell what skin is what and by whom,Β  especially since it is on a head, it could be just a head skin for one of the many heads out there.Β  And then it could also be just the make up if it is a mesh head, the eyelashes and make up could be add on applied to the head.Β  It could be a combination of a whole lot of things.Β  Check your inworld IM'sΒ  I am going to send you something that might help more than just taking pics of things you see on folks in SL that you like.Β 

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