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Midweek Meditation at the Tranquillity Therapy Centre.



Catch some air and create some space during a busy week, with our Midweek Meditation session hosted by Tranquillity's Therapist Elijah Pyrithea. 

Together we will sit down at a quiet tranquil spot of the Centre. Elijah will talk about the ins and outs of meditation, before guiding you into a calm relaxed state of mind where we will practice awareness and being in the now, with the help of the sounds of nature, the music playing, our breath and our bodies. 

The sessions will be in voice and Elijah will from time to time use life instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, a happy drum and other drums, to help you along. After the session there is always time for discussion, questions about the meditation(s), Tranquillity Therapy Centre and more.

Everybody is welcome and no prior mediation experience is required. 



Date and time: Every Wednesday 2:00 PM SLT

Location: secondlife:///app/region/Thunder Village/165/100/22

Duration: 30 minutes

The use of headphones is highly recommended. 

Please find a quiet space where you can be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes. 


We look forward to meeting you.


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Just a heads up! If you missed this weeks, no worries! They are a weekly running event every Wednesday at 2:00 PM SLT. You can keep aware of these events, or more by joining our in-world group, or subscribing aswell using the wall panels walking through the entrance of the Therapy Centre - left wall. We welcome everyone! 

We also have a public blog here too:  http://www.tranquillitytherapyclinic.blogspot.com


If you did attend from here, so nice to meet you! I hope you enjoyed. :) 

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