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Lindal Kidd

Dock Your Yacht...In Masocado, Baby!

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The Masocado Resort is located on open Linden Ocean, with direct access to the Blake Sea sailing regions.  We have two different types of property available, in a beautiful tropical setting.

First, there is the high rise condominium tower.  Each condo features two floors, a fireplace, locking door, and working window blinds.  Bathrooms with scripted fixtures, and security systems are available on request.  Full length windows provide sweeping views of the harbor and the sea.  Each condo has a private balcony area overlooking the Channel, where you can watch boats and aircraft passing by.  Rents start at just $L2195 per calendar month, and an allowance of 450 prims, with the two penthouses on the top floor slightly higher.  The towers have a pleasant lobby, a game room with Greedy Greedy and other amusements, and a rooftop pool/dance area.  There is also a helipad and a skydive launcher on the roof!

Ad1small.png.08e0e3cbe432f77e54fe5627c07ebee4.png          Ad3small.png.e9af4959624d1d66c33bf0678507fc5c.png


If you adore living right on the water, we also offer a limited number of live-aboard yacht slips.  These will accommodate craft up to about 45 meters in length.  They start at $L2395 per calendar month, 450 prims.  Live-aboard residents have full access to all the amenities of the Resort.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Masocado/183/153/23  .

If you need more prims, we're flexible!  Additional prims can be rented for just $L5.5 per prim per month.

The Resort features many amenities.  There are both singles and couples dances, and dance remotes are located throughout the area.  You can amuse yourself with Seven Seas fishing, or rez a fishing boat or a jet ski and go exploring.  There are a number of secluded areas where you can experience a romantic interlude.  (The last time we ran a contest to find them all, nobody did!) 

Residents may keep a small craft rezzed at the docks, ready for your Blake Sea adventures.

If aviation is your thing, there is a small airport immediately to the south of the condo towers.

Masocado is an active region.  We change the landscaping for fall and winter. Both residents and the management decorate for major holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day...and Talk Like A Pirate Day, too!  Come and be a part of our community!

NOTE:  We rent by the calendar month.  To compare our prices with the more typical weekly rentals, multiply by 0.2308 (12 months per year/52 weeks per year.)

Come see the Masocado Resort today! When your friends ask where you live in Second Life, tell them you live in Paradise...in Masocado, baby!

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