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{RP} & WGAC July Photo Contest

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Sponsored by Reina Photography & The Willow Grove Art Centre

Willow Grove Art Centre (WGAC) is a home for all artists to come together to share, explore, and create.

July 2018 Sim Photo Contest
July 15-31


1. All participants must be the sole owner of the works they are presenting and the photo must show their name as the uploader.

2. All photographs must be taken on the Enchanted Valley sim which is home to WGAC as well as several small businesses. Any part of the ground level of the sim may be used. If your photo is not from the sim, it will not be allowed in this contest however we are having another in September to include photos from anywhere!

3. Temporary rez right MAY be granted by contacting Beyonkah Resident or emmah skytower. You will have up to 20 mins to rez out a pose and small props (up to 15 prims total), snap your photo, and clean up your mess before your rights are revoked. Any items that you may accidentally leave will be sent back to your inventory to help keep WGAC clean!

4. Your photo MUST be uploaded in world and dropped in the mailbox using the proper entry NC below to be entered into this contest. The contest is free but you are responsible for your upload fee.

5. Only one entry per AV.

6. “People’s Choice” will be voted on by users by voting board system. Voting will be free and can be done once per day per AV.

7. Any ‘ties’ will result in that prize being split between all winners.

8. All entries must be dropped in the mailbox (SLURL below) no later than July 14th at noon SLT. No late entries will be accepted. Voting will open July 15th and run through July 31st with the winners being announced at 2 pm SLT on the WGAC subscriber, blog, and Facebook page. Prizes will be sent out with a note shortly after.


Once you have taken your photo, you will need to fill out the NC and drop it into the mailbox located here: (You can pick the NC up here too!)


ALL information must be provided in order for entry. The uploaded photo MUST be done by the person submitting and it must be full perm so it can be used properly.

Tagging WGAC on Flickr can help us both!

Or share on our Facebook Page!


July Photo Contest .png

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Went there also, my first photo contest in SL, took some time to upload the snapshot so it wasn't a normal size texture. :$ I also realized after, that i forgot to change to smaller wings... now they go through my avis shoulders and can be seen on front. :D

It's a nice place to visit.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 834 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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