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Carriage Rides, Tractor Rides.. Oh my!

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Queenholme is hosting events for everyone of all ages! Yes, even if you do have hip problems or if you haven't started walking yet, there is fun for everyone.

Do you love horses? These activites will be the one for you :) 

You won't need a horse, there will be a horse available.

Sunday 8th July:
Carriage Rides - 12pm SLT - 8pm BST - 3pm EST
Riding Trail - 2pm SLT - 10pm BST - 5pm EST

Monday 9th July:
Dressage Workshop - 12pm SLT - 8pm BST - 3pm EST

Tuesday 10th July:
Beach Ride - 1pm SLT - 9PM BST - 4PM EST

Wednesday 11th July:
Showjump Workshop 1pm SLT - 9pm BST - 4pm EST
Tag game - 3pm SLT - 11pm BST - 6pm EST

Thursday 12th July:
Wild West Day
Horse Auction (RP/Adoption) - 10am SLT - 6pm BST - 1pm EST
12pm-3pm SLT - 8pm-11pm BST - 3pm-6pm EST:
Herd sheep game, rodeo, pole bending & barrel racing.

Saturday 14th July:
Tag game - 3pm SLT - 11pm BST - 6pm EST

Sunday 15th July:
Tractor Rides - 12pm SLT - 8pm BST - 3pm EST

Queenholme Center aims to help everyone of all ages how to ride and properly care for our magnificent athletes and incredible creatures we call Horses.
Not only wearable horses allowed, but we cater to the avatar based horses. (Specifically Teegle & WaterHorse)
We are set up to provide basic care for horses but, also how to use them in some of the most well known events such as: Showjumping, Dressage and Cross Country. All ages are welcomed to join as even our most junior members can start learning early!

We offer:
~ Riding Trails
       For our riding trails, you go through some wooded areas and spot some lovely flowers!
~ Practise Arena
       Practice arena is already set up for anyone wishing to have a small routine with their horse with some jumps and obstacles.
~ School Arena
       School arena is ready to be used for all classes and all ages. The riding instructor has plenty of years of teaching experience.
~ Full dressage court
       The court has enlarged letters for those who have trouble seeing small letters and has all the letters required for you to start your routines.
~ Full showjumping arena
       The arena is timer only but accustomed to the sim.
~ School
       The small school is for theory classes, for those who would like to learn more about the horses.
~ 2 x large paddocks & 1 veterinary/isolation paddock
       These paddocks are with finely cutted grass, trees, shaded areas, a trough, rolly ball, jolly apple and a manger. But the veterinary/isolation paddock is for those who are specially put there for a reason.
~ Our own veterinary clinic
       Our clinic is provided with weight scales, x-ray, station, hydrotherapy/treadmill (Teegle) & 4 stalls with access to their own outside graze area.
~ Rent-able stalls
       The stalls are fitted in a large barn, but the stalls have a small outside paddock for those who don't like to be kept in for long hours.
~ Monthly competition with good prizes
       Monthly competitions in para-dressage, dressage, showjumping and cross country.
~ Friendly administration
       We are always friendly and will always help with any question.
~ Work Experience / Apprenticeships
       We offer work experience / apprenticeships for 13-18 year olds who would like a hands on job.

Applications open for: Horses, Humans & Critters
Registration open for Riders & Horses (School only)

Applications for completitions will open at a later date.

Go to the Gazebo to grab an application
Enjoy your stay ♥

Queenholme Team


Please note that all roleplay on this sim is always PG & clean.
We are NOT competing with any other sim.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1186 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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