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hello after our expandation we have a lot very nice great offers of parcels to rent.

Apartments in the NEW San Denis Plaza - 50/w (incl 20prim) - 75/w (incl. 30 prim)  or 100/w (incl 50 prim) -> all Apartments Comes full furnished (does not Counts your prims) with high Quality DUTCHIE or NERENZO stuff. 

if you Need more privacy - I recommend you an parcel with almost owner Rights (full power for ban, media, accesslist, names and descriptions, full privacy, provided security System, develeped with nice homes, full furnished - and if you don't like anything just return. or you get an empty lot if you prefer to build byself

cheap Skyboxes (parcel) 512sqm = 180/w (one left)

1024sqm without water Access = 360/w  

1024sqm or a bit more with water Access (linden water, river sail swim explore second life) = 390/w or a bit more

each else size is possible ask for offers

please have a look in our main store ->>





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