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Second Lifestyles Estates - Regions Available (and more)

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Hello beautiful people !

Are you looking for a land for your business? For your event?
A place to call home? A place to have your picture perfect wedding? A place for your epic 'Instagram-ish' summer party with inflatable swans and unicorns, ice cream, beers and everything ?

Search no more, Second Lifestyles Estates has that for you.

Some informations about our lands :

No premium account needed
• 24/7 Professional Land Management
Customer Service is our #1 priority
Weekly tiers
• Residential / Light Commercial lands
• Full Estate Manager Rights
• Ownership rights
• Region Ban, Terraforming, Environment Settings, Ground texture changing (only on 1/2 sims and larger)
Adult rated sim
• Sim Restarts
• Total Privacy

Perks :

• Second Lifestyles Estates is proud to support the 'St.Jude Children's Hospital'.  A portion of every residents' tier goes directly to The Research Hospital.
Free Danika sex bed with every land purchase (price cost : $L 4000)
• Amazing, caring and helpful team
• I can send you my beautiful cover of 'Yellow' by Coldplay, because it's such a good song to listen at 3 am, laying on the floor during those hot summer days !

Full prim sim :

Price: As low as $L 16 999 per week
Prims :20 000
Sqm : 65 536
Type : Grass


Other available parcels:

4 096 parcels :

Price : As low as $L 1 299 per week
Prims : 1 250
Sqm : 4 096
Type : Beach corner, grass isle, beach waterfront

8 192 parcels :

Price : As low as $L 2 799 per week
Prims : 2 500
Sqm : 8 192
Type : Adult grass waterfront, grass waterfront, adult beach waterfront, beach waterfront, beach isle

1/4 Full Prim sim :

Price: As low as $L 4 899 per week
Prims :5 000
Sqm : 16 384
Type : Grass

Full Homestead sim :

Price: As low as $L 6 999 per week
Prims :5 000
Sqm : 65 536
Type : Grass

Full prim sim :

Price: As low as $L 16 999 per week
Prims :20 000
Sqm : 65 536
Type : Grass

For more information, visit our Land office at :
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Second Lifestyles/128/116/21

Or IM me directly (especially if you want that song cover) : Sarahbeths resident


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