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Looking for a 1950's RP family!

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During these past months I've been really crazy about the 1950's decade for some reason...I mean, it was such a glamorous time!

This said, I have decided to start looking for a "1950's family" to RP with :)

Please send me an IM inworld if you're interested in roleplaying as one of the following persons related to my character:

- Mom;

- Dad;

- Brother;

- Sister.

((I haven't decided on a specific age for my character yet but I plan it to be between 17 and 20. If you chose to be part of my family you can tell me your opinion on the matter relatively to what would work better for you i guess... Again, this is a very "fresh" idea so i will accept every kinds of opinions))


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I really wish I could get into the mindset to create a character for this. It sounds like a blast!

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If I could find a Marilyn Monroe look for my bento heads and Maitreya body, not giving up my mesh , I have seen pictures of her ( Monroe) but have not found any clothes and skin for my Lelutka bento head , or to fit my Maitreya body. Other than her character I can't imagine going back to the 50s.


Good luck 

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