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Lexy Nexen


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Hello again Forums!

My current personal assistant has taken a step back from SL to attend to her RL for a while. I am now seeking a temp during her absence who will assist me with my day to day schedule and other errands. I would prefer that my assistant be at least 1 year old in second life and have been active the entire year. 


  1. Must be able to communicate efficiently and grammatically correct when speaking with my contacts.  
  2. Must be familiar with the use of Gmail. 
  3. Must be familiar with the use of Youtube.
  4. Must be familiar with the use of Facebook, specifically the PAGES section.
  5. Must have proper time management skill and know how to prioritize well.
  6. Must have voice chat enabled and be able to speak as well as hear.
  7. Must have an inviting & fun personality!
  8. Must be able to work independently and bring ideas to the table.
  9. Must actively play Second Life with no long breaks in between each log in.
  10. Must have an alternate way of contact outside of SL.


  • Photo Editing Skills
  • Familiarity with Mesh Bodies & Heads
  • Familiarity with new & rising trends, shopping events, blogs, etc.
  • Great marketing techniques.
  • Great social media presence. 


  • Reaching out to contacts on my behalf
  • Checking and responding to some of my e-mails (Only when asked, RARE)
  • Creating notecards, group notices & ad boards
  • Scheduling
  • Bringing me an ice soy chai tea latte each morning :P
  • Attending events on my behalf
  • Shopping for items on my behalf
  • I WOULD ALSO GREATLY PREFER IT IF YOU ARE NOT SHY!! but also not annoying either, I get annoyed easily lol

There will be more to discuss should you get contacted for an interview. This is a paid position which will also be discussed during the interview. Please contact me via NOTECARDS only if you are interested in applying and be sure to include a resume as well as your availbility. I do not check back for replies on the original forum post, so please send me a notecard. I will not receive your IM as they do get capped often. You may find a link to my youtube channel on my inworld profile. Serious inquiries only. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 661 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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