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Reasonable price for a 16,384m parcel?

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I have been wandering around the mainland in search for a parcel to own. The only land I have ever rented was on a private estate, so I have no idea what a reasonable price for a parcel of this size would cost on mainland. A lot of the parcels on mainland have outrageous prices, so I was wondering what someone else would pay for a parcel of this size on mainland. The one I am looking at is in a pretty quiet sim, with no ugly builds nearby. The going price for this parcel is L$2.4/m (L$39,321). Does that sound like a reasonable price? I also have one more question. During my search for a parcel, I had noticed others on mainland that were renting out parcels for a specified amount per week, so I would probably have to pay rent to the owner. The parcel I am wanting to buy doesn't say anything about rent in the description, and there is no covenant, so I was wondering if I was to click Buy This Land, I would be paying a monthly tier fee directly to LL?

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How it works; when you buy land on the main land, you pay tier. And also you need to be a premium member, but if you ask me, it pays itself off because LL gives you the weekly stipendy.


Now as for a 16 384 sqm parcel, the pricing depends on the location of the land, what are the components and if sim is active.

My wife & I payed around 8.39L$/sqm for our 16 384 sqm land.(around L$137, 500)

But our 16k has some quiet great things. It has a beach theme. It has a great sunset view, and the sim, is a low lag sim.


So really, the pricing depends on where the land is.

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If you are looking to "rent" as you say then it is best to rent in a private estate. In mainland if you "rent" from another resident you do not have the same land permissions you do from a private estate and you will have to join a group that belongs to the land owner, you cannot deed it to your own group as you do in a private estate. On the other hand, if you are looking to "own" land then mainland might be a better choice and you will have all the land permissions.

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Just mind you are going to have to pay tier fees to Linden Lab when you buy manland, also you got to be premium in Tier in US$s every month as bellow.


 USD 195.00/ month 65,536 Entire Region
 USD 125.00/ month 32,768 1/2 Region
 USD 75.00/ month 16,384 1/4 Region
 USD 40.00/ month 8,192 1/8 Region
 USD 25.00/ month 4,096 1/16 Region
 USD 15.00/ month 2,048 1/32 Region
 USD 8.00/ month 1,024 1/64 Region
 USD 5.00/ month 512 1/128 Region
 USD 0.00/ month 0 0/128 Region
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Lucky -

A quick search tells me open orders (land for sale) for mainland 1/4 sims are running from 1.1 to 6.0L/m or higher. This equals a selling price of 18K to 100K or more.  

I'm sure you can find a decent mainland 1/4 sim for less than 2.0L/m but if you like the land you have found go ahead and buy it.  It is higher than it needs to be priced but it is not outrageously priced.

Note: from Viewer One and other style viewers:

Control F brings up your search.

Go to the Land Sales Tab.

Check the Area box and put 16384

Fron the drop down box select For Sale - Mainland.

Click Search.

Then Sort by Area, bringing all the 1/4 sim pieces to the top of the list.

You can do this for any size main land to see what current market rates are.

Oh also make sure to click Mature for the land type you want (or PG or Adult).

Enjoy your new land!

Lizard Howl

Segarra Estates Owner

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