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Protected Dock Slips for Boats @ Kuula's Lake, at The Center of Sansara's Great Lakes Systems! 150L$ / 150LI 20 x 12m

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Dock slips for rent at Kuula Lake, sensible size at sensible price. All slips border unblockable protected land / water.

Located at the heart of Sansara's Great Lakes systems, you can sail to pretty much all parts of the Sansara's Great Lakes systems from here. Even crossing the ANWR channel up North to the Heterocera continent.

Some popular destinations or vacation spots you can reach or sail to from here;

  • NCI
  • Mare Secundus Waters
  • Sea of Fables / Poseidon Island
  • Ivory Tower
  • Waterhead & Pooley Waters
  • Governor Linden's Mansion @ Clementina
  • Da Boom & several other historic regions
  • Bay of Space Pigs waters
  • Southern Sansara River Systems & Snow / Winter Biome
  • Bay City
  • Chamonix City
  • Miramare
  • Heterocera Continent
  • and Many more!

At 20 x 12m, with 150 prims / LI, you can pretty much fit any drivable boat you want. Bandit's sailboats, BBX's sailboats, some seaplanes, ReneMarine's sailboats, and even some of the bigger yachts.

Come and check the spots out!

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