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Voice Cut Out Problems

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I'll say first sorry if I'm writing this crappy I'm tired Z.Z and sorry if I'm putting it in the wrong place wasn't sure to put this in Avatar or General Discussions cos it seems it's happening to me and not my friends and it's really getting to the point where it's annoying me, basically what's happening is whenever someone speaks it cancels my voice chat completely so I cant talk and whenever someones talking I wanna say something like just a quick "yeah" while listening to them still I cant I gotta literally wait for them to stop talking but today my friend was so drunk it was so hard for me to be able to speak cos she was talking so much that I couldn't say anything even though I was talking it just wasn't going through to them cos of this weird ass voice cancelation. I've looked through the voice settings or whatever it is and I'm not really seeing anything for this so thinking it's somewhere else in preferences but all my friends are able to talk at the same time with no voice cut problems yet I'm getting it constantly. I could be talking about something for 10 seconds and still got another 10 more seconds of something I'm saying and then they'll say "yeah" and my voice chat will cancel out so I gotta repress the button to voice chat. Sorry if I'm repeating myself like I said I'm tired and annoyed with this all, I hope someone can help and thank you for your time if you can <3

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35 minutes ago, Shar Moanalo said:

I'll say first

The Dark Gods of the Grid, loath and despise the blasphemy that is VoiceSpam...

They punish unbelievers for using it with a variety  of intermittent technical failures designed to encourage the Heretic to repent their evil Voicespamming ways and learn to type in local chat as the Gods intended...


SL Voice isn't provided by SL, its a 3rd party service from Vivox, it's always been flakey and unreliable, thats partly why so many simple turn it off and never ever use it.

The other main reason for people not using it is that it tends to be filled with people screaming at each other that they are going to set the FBI on each other for the Federal Cyber-Crime of "Calling People An Ass Over the Internet".

If you search the Viewer technical subforum, you'll find other Voice-Fail threads, with suggested ideas to nudge it back into functionality.

Or you could simply sacrifice a noob to the Dark Gods of the Grid, in one of those stepped pyramid temples you find on some of the un-inhabited islands in the intercontinetal sea.

As methods go it's probably about as reliable ans anything else for fixing voicespam...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1047 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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