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Take over my parcel?

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Hey all! Forgive me if this isn't in the correct spot and feel free to let me know if it's not!

I have a small parcel that I rent through a pretty popular company in SL and recently upgraded to premium, so I bought a parcel on mainland. I don't need the other parcel anymore but it still has almost 2 months left (like 1 month 3 weeks 4 days) and I don't want it to go to waste. I can't get a refund obviously so I figured I'd see if anyone wanted to take over. 

The weekly rate is 329L and monthly its 1316L

Its 1008sqm and perfect for a small home. I was able to rez several different houses that fit perfectly!

My favorite part about it besides the price was that it has a decent amount of prims- 507. 

And if it matters, the neighbors don't have ugly homes =) 

In order to hopefully get something back from what was paid on it, I'd ask for the cost of a month which is the $1300. So you'd get an extra 3 weeks and 4 days there without paying for that. 
I figure this is a long shot, but couldn't hurt to try! 

IM me in world if you want to see the parcel! 

-Emma (Emmarielee) 

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Just make sure you can "sublet" your land. Many private land places don't let you do that. The info should be in the covenant on the land tab OR perhaps in the info card about renting on that land.  And (obviously) this is a good reason to only pay weekly (or biweekly if that is the only option) as many of us have learned. 

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Thanks for the responses! I don't mind so much losing out on the money or anything. I just thought maybe someone would need a cheap place to stay. I always have paid at least 2 weeks in rather than weekly and sometimes I've even done monthly. Most of the time my remaining amount on the rent was able to be transferred to a different parcel, but this time I moved to Mainland. =) 

I agree though for lots of people it might be best to pay weekly though. Never know what can come up! 

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