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Waterfront sale 1024m2 351 prim - MUST GO!

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1024m2, 351 prim, 32x32 square shape, great waterfront property for boating, sailing, swimming or lounging for sunrise views.  House can be kept on if you'd like to use it or rent the land.

On sale, 3999L as realized I do need to relieve my tier.  Or will rent for 300L/week - just pay the rental box in front. IM loganzeng for details






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Huge drop in price - now 2999L!! Please IM loganzeng for any offer or just buy outright.  You can keep the house if you like there though the house is no transfer.

Also rental price drop - 250L/week so please IM me asap if you rent as I will take it off the market.

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NOW 2499L!!!  Must go!!

This is now extremely reasonable consider it is one of the only lots on water for this price.  Please go on your land search and read through this forum at the other ads - you will not get a land on open waterfront for this price.  Its a perfect 1024m2 shape too - perfect for a house like the one I have got and perfect for those of you premium members with your 1024m2 tier allocation you get for free - just abandon your linden home and this is yours with no monthly cost!

A view like this can't be beat, nor can the price.  Please shop around and IM loganzeng when you realize the value/visit the land or just grab it before its gone.



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