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Mesh bodies and making clothing appear!

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I'm about a week into enjoying my Maitreya Lara body, thanks to all you experts on the forum! :D And I'm so happy!!!

At the moment I'm not layering, just using it like a classic Avi, and I've found that most clothes just fit straight on (and off).

But one or two just don't appear, and I would like a step by step idiots guide please?

This is an example, from Elle.  A few others are the same.....

This is in the advert.......

On the package are included Appliers for: 
-Omega Appliers

Standard avatar clothing layers included.

In my Inventory is.....

#TMP installer

HUD appliers

Omega applier

Panel skirt #TMP

Panel skirt Slink

Panel skirt V1

Panel skirt V2



(plus the usual bits and bobs)

So..........having tried various combinations of clicking and wearing or adding, I'm no further forward. I obviously still don't understand appliers!!!!!!:x

What's the secret please???????

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You needed the HUD appliers. This is layer clothing, not mesh. 

At a guess, they're either boxed - in which case, unpack the box, find the Maitreya applied in the resulting folder, add, and use - or the HUD applies item is, itself, a HUD, with all appliers for each body clickable directly from it. I'm betting the former, but could be wrong. 

You can also use the omega applier, but you need an extra item for that. You can buy the Maitreya omega relay (it's inexpensive) add it, and use omega appliers freely, rather than holding out for appliers specifically for Maitreya. (I'm on my phone, or I'd post links.)


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