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Friends that lead to family , looking for son

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Hello my name is Lucien Von Helsing and I am the head of the Helsing Family , we are a small vampire family ... focused more on the IC aspect and family RP more than bloodlines itself.

Anyways I am looking for some like minded friends to take into our fold.

First and most importantly I am looking for a son ,


I tried many adoption sites ... but sadly those kids are alive and not of the living dead , and the scream the one little guy let out when I asked if he wanted to be dead...my head still hurts.

I am single in SL and most likely will remain so ... so hopefully you're cool with a single dad , I have a large lot on the mainland with an amazing mansion . As my son you will be given a prim allowance , free to have some friends hang around ... but living within the home is family only . You should be 12-17 years old and a vampire or desire to be one, and for the love of that is unholy ...don't talk like a freaking toddler , that baby stuff ... will have you out the door before you set your bag down.

I am openly gay , and open to a gay or straight or undecided son . I am not into  anything sexual , but I do expect that we can have a rp friendship as father and son and a OOC thing where we can just hang out. If you have a boyfriend thats cool , he's welcome in our home but not long term off the start.

As for friends a new family hopefuls , I could use a brother , sisters ... an aunty , the Role of mom and dad are taken , they are deceased and no one could ever take their place.


about our family RP :

We role play as an elite kindred souls family , that is to say regal royal types of the upper crust . Not stuffy snobby rich but very much a royal family . Our vampire lines are traced back generations , in fact Great Great Grandpa is laying at rest in the family chapel . We are in the process of rewriting our back story .

We mingle with other families of the elite , host parties and gala events and socialize .

basically royal role play with a vampire twist

feel free to send me an in-world note card (dieselaffair Resident) with a quick intro and photo , and we can take it from there . I am MST so +1 SLT time , work nights in RL ( 5 on 5 off) so you will have me on limited on my work days and annoying you for 5 days as im off lol


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That's sad to hear about both the woman and man who died in real life. I find it odd that they both died though. I guess i am thinking they died at the same time. Were they married in real life? How did you find out they both passed away?

Your activities sound fun but I am neither a male nor do I roleplay as a child.

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You seem like a nice individual but then you have that awful trolling app wear folder in your profile. It crashes your display driver, makes your screen black with neon bright colors. I think it also makes the screen flash a lot as well. I made the mistake years ago and clicked on it while being laughed at as well. Now every time I see that in a profile, I don't interact with those type of people.

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You sound like a great family! :) I have always been particular to vampires and the rp (but not a fan of bloodlines itself). 

To bad you are looking for a teen son, I rp either as adult or 4yr old (And no, none of that baby talk! I cant read it why would I talk in it, plus my son at 4 never talked like most do in sl at that age!) and both as a girl. 

I hope you find your undead son soon! :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 928 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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