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llMoveToTarget() Not Getting There?

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so i have this swimming script, and it's using llMoveToTarget to make you swim around in the water.


i want to be able to artificially adjust the height of the avatar/animations in the water, so i have a menu thing with the +++ and the -- and stuff like that, to dial in the water surface height.  so that changes the depth by, say, 1 meter.  and i want it to move the avatar up 1 meter.... so i can see where it is.


the weird thing is, if i get in the water, and i'm standing (hovering?  falling?  technically, i'm 'inair' i guess) there, and i press these menu buttons... i don't move.  if i swim forwards or around a little bit, then click the button for the menu and work on the menu... it works fine.  so...???  what is going on?


what can cause llMoveToTarget to fail?  being in a menu dialogue??  already having an llMoveToTarget command on you?  (i put in llStopMoveToTarget before the new call; no help.)  you are in a certain minimum distance where llMoveToTarget thinks you're close enough to the target already?  (how small of an increment can it move you.  i started with .15 meter, but now i'm using .33 meter as the smallest increment.)  the damping?  do i need less?  or more.  i tried less, let me try more...

no, no help.



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as you are observing MoveToTarget can appear to be a bit variable sometimes

a alternative is to combine its use with llApplyImpulse:  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlApplyImpulse

a way to do it is use the arrows keys to steer, and PgUp and PgDn for altitude. Capping topmost altitude to llWater: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlWater

both ApplyImpulse and MoveToTarget can sometimes appear to do nothing. This has to do with the energy consumption rate which is explained on the wiki

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