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Wanted: DJ, Photographer & Officiant for WEDDING - Paid

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Hello! All positions are PAID.

Fee is negotiable/open. Willing to pay your rate for the right person(s).

Contact Cade Lockwood (Cadeon Bayn) in-world if you're interested.



  • Willing to play anything and everything... pop, country, hip hop, weird stuff, etc. (...except Ed Sheeran, haha. The bride has threatened bodily harm to the groom otherwise.)
  • Takes requests
  • Able to voice for dedications
  • Experience with weddings and the ceremony preferred (not a deal breaker)

Required July 12th (rehearsal) and July 13th (big day) at 5:30pm SLT until 9pm-ish

Fee: Open. Contact Cade



  • Able to take candid photos smoothly with windlights and shadows during an event (we'll try to lower the scripts as much as possible, but having a system that can handle possible lag due to scripts and avatars would be best)
  • Examples required via Flickr or inworld photos

Required July 13th at 5:30pm SLT until 7pm-ish

Fee: Open. Contact Cade



  • Updated mesh avatar (you may be in some photos)
  • Ability to RP and roll with the punches (it's not going to be your normal ceremony)
  • No ceremony scripts necessary. That will be provided by couple (non religious).
  • Experience preferred but by no means a deal breaker.

Required July 13th at 5:30pm SLT until whenever the ceremony finishes.

Fee: Open. Contact Cade

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