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How do I make this thing sittable

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I bought this moon thing thinking it was the kind that you could wear and you'd appear to be sitting on it. It's actually just furniture so it's really awkward when you add it to your avi.




Can I possibly do something so I can wear it sitting on it?

Also, can I remove its floor shadow? How so?



Thanks in advance!


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If the shadow is actually a tinted child prim, you should be able to unlink it and toss it away.  If it's part of the mesh, that won't be possible. And if it's there because you have enabled shadows in your viewer, you can't make it go away at all.  It's not part of the object.

To sit on something, the object needs a sit target, unless it's a very simple basic prim.  You'll need to add a small script to set the sit target, and possibly to do other things.  Take a look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSitTarget#Examples

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