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Any IMVU comers need new friends? + SL Instagram & Facebook

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Hey guys,


So clearly I don't have many friends on SL since I kind of bounce back and forth between being on here and not. I moved over here from IMVU and I'm getting back into the swing of things. I figured this was a quick way to meet new people if its been a little hard like me. A little about me: 

I love everyone from all backgrounds though on IMVU I hung out with a more "urban" group of people. I'm pretty outspoken and super easy to get along with. I love meeting new people as well as exploring new areas of second life.

So don't be afraid to shoot me a message inworld: deslovely


SL Instagram: @tokyonoirr Follow me!

Facebook: Destiny Noir Add me! 

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I'm a bit confused.. The FB page for Destiny Nor is one picture from 3 years ago and your Insta says to follow Destiny Aryes on FB.. Which one is right? Thats not to say both pictures arent of an incredibly attractive woman, they are. I will shoot an IM when I log in, always looking for friends to chat with.

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