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Topless Tuesday with DJ Shania at HIllbilly Junkyard

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   .'´¯¯`乀_ .√     /     ۞ Hillbilly Junkyard
 I         :]_. _.'◙'.ζ_________________    ..‡..‡..‡٭
╠  ▣【 ▤▤▤▤▤▤▤♬ DJ SHANIA▤▤▤▤ 】
 I         :]"""".◙.';" """ " "" "' " '" """ "'    '‡''‡''‡''٭
 \      ⓞ    ◐    (¸      ☆ WHEN: 1000AM 1200PM
   乀_‿_.-’乀.___つ    ❀ HOSTESS: SULTANA
                                  ◐WHAT FOR ROCKING GOOD TUNES

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