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Looking for players to fill key roles in Medieval Fantasy Sim

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The Isle of Forbidden Fantasy is looking for players to fill key roles for the sim. 

OOC Hub for the Isle of Forbidden Fantasy

We are an Adult Sim so Child Avatars and those that look below the age of 18 are not permitted on sim!

-Orcs:  We have an amazing Orc camp that needs a leader and players to fill it. 
-Fae both Light and Dark: We have a brand new built area for the Dark Fae/Unseelie that needs both a Lead and Players to fill it. The Light Fae/Seelie have a full forest to frolick in
-Elves: A Beautiful City that needs to be filled.
-Angels: We have plenty of beautiful angels but would love a few handsome ones as well. A full sky city awaits for you!
-Demons: Succubus, Sin Demons, Lust and Desire. to all sorts we would really love to have you! Hades is made for your race!
-Beasts! Bring on the Beasts! 
-Dragons: We would love to have a Dragon Faction on Sim!
-Humans for all roles! From the Merchant all the way to the Slave... We have a place for you!
-Business owners !( Lots of Rentals to make your dream come true!) We have so many places that are vacant you could start literally anything!
-Tavern Owner: We need Several of these!
-We are also in need of Faction Leads and those who want to start their own faction. It takes 4 people to get a faction started, a mission statement and a logo. Pretty simple!

We allow spell hud's within reason. We do use Coagulate for a hud. 

Beyond that we are just looking for great players to help us make this sim the best it can be. We thrive on Quality over Quantity.

LM above and here is our website:

The Isle of Forbidden Fantasy Website


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