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Cakeshop[Now Hiring] Paying L$50 per hour!!!


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Become a Cake? Girl!  

Hiring Dancers & Escorts

★ Cakeshop is a new club since 2017 and has re-opened in 2018,
It's a classy and cool club, we provide all kind of service, strippers, escorts, text,voice, cam, bdsm. 
★We only hired the most beautiful girls on the grid.
    ★ You are required to have a high-quality avatar to work at Cakeshop. A full mesh body & mesh head.


★Minimum 5 hours / week,You keep 80% of your tips!
   * Hourly Wage Note : We pay up all our Cakes to L$50 per hour.
    If you work more than 15 hours / week get a bonus of L$500  
                   So yes Cake for a complete week you earn: ★★ L$1,250 / week ★★
Being an Exclusive Cake provides some privileges like: L$5,000 bonus tip
if you become the Cake of the month instead of L$3,000.


TP here to get an application :


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6 hours ago, AlessaTohru said:

Yes you do :) only L$100 ♥

Is there a reason why dancers have to get a board? We don't need to advertise our services like an escort. Is it like an insurance deposit, so that you are assured your employees are going to benefit your pocket in case they don't get tips weekly even if they put in the hours? Right now where I work, neither the dancers nor the escorts have to pay for a board. Which I love. I just wanted to reach out to human clubs as mine is mostly furry. I'd like a better chance at getting the tips, to be considered attractive since majority of our patrons are furries. Although some of the furries do like us humans, most of them prefer furry staff.

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On 6/23/2018 at 8:18 AM, AlessaTohru said:

I'll try and give the best answer since I am not the owner of The Cakeshop.I believe its a way of promoting yourself while you're not in the club because people do tend to click on boards even when you're present at the club. xD

Thank you for answering me, I do appreciate it. I feel I shouldn't have to pay to have a job.When I am not in a club, it is because I am on my own personal time. When I want to earn money, then I am present at said club. I send out detailed roleplay type notices to let people know I'm in the club. I do understand that club owners do it to fill their pockets but I just wish that wasn't the standard. I miss the old days when there weren't ad boards for dancers. You applied, were interviewed, hired and that's it. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1208 days.

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