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Darena Bryant

Looking for clothing creator for Orange Nova Skadi Sergal

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I have been working on a project for a mod in SL for some time now. The person who is working with me had suggested I use the Orange Nova Skadi Sergal avatar as a base for it. Little did I know how much of a nightmare it was at the time. He's been reassuring me he can make the avatar look the way I want it, and bit by bit, it *has* shaped up. By now, it's nearly done. All that is left is to make an outfit for it that will fit the Skadi and not clip through the body randomly.

Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin. Thee mesh body was (as far as I understand it) made in Maya, but animated in Blender, and is close to 5 years old now. The files are some complex mess that reequires some effort to decrypt, but has been done at least once. The person I found who was willing to try to figure all this out wanted $150 USD for the single outfit, and $175 t have exclusive rights to it. I am not able to pay $150 USD for a single virtual outfit that will then go on to be mass produced (basically me paying someone else for giving them my idea, then getting one copy at an inflated price while they sell it wholesale to others for much cheaper). Much less pay even more to be the only one who gets the copies.

Is there anyone willing to take this on and not leave me a bloodless corpse on the floor? I'm willing to pay a decent amount for the effort, but not 37.5L for something I won't even own afterwards other than the single copy. I'm not giving more details here because... well... I'd like to find someone who will keep it at least sorta confidential until it's done. I'm not really looking to have a bunch of random people taking my idea and running off with it, although I doubt many wouldd, even if I laid it all out here.


Can anyone help me get this done without excessive cost?

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Note that the files are Maya native (.MA), obviously those using Maya would get the best result otherwise you've got some fun with importing to blender.

Good luck!

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