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Want to be a Host @ The Purge Hangout?

Travel to Purge today and grab yourself an application at the main club stage and send it back to cykablyaidinarhui.

To teleport to the Purge Club Hanger, please click here.

What we except of you as a Purge Host:

✴ Absolutely NO DRAMA. We will not tolerate drama or upset for V.I.P's, guests or other staff.
✴ Greet as many people as possible when they enter the club via your microphone and/or Nearby Chat.
✴ Stay as active as possible in Nearby Chat to engage with your crowd.
✴ ALWAYS thank your tippers for what they give you, regardless of what they give. 
✴ ALWAYS hype your DJ and Purge to be tipped. NEVER ask for yourself!!
✴ You MUST NOT use automated Hosting HUDS that spam names or gestures. This must be done by you yourself.

- - -
✴ Your avatar must be at least 30+ days old!
✴ Your personality within Purge should be fun, friendly and uplifting for a great party atmosphere!
✴ You must be able to do a minimum 2 hours on stage per week to work here. 
✴ You must be at least fairly fluent in English as most of our community is English speaking! 
✴ You must have a stable and dependable Internet connection!

Please note you will be only working for tips

If you are interested in continuing your application with Purge then please fill out the application (located here) and send it back to cykablyaidinarhui.

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Grammar issue

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