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House/Store/Skybox Rentals @ Purge Hangout

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We are located at: Click Here to Teleport to Purge Hangout Landing Spot 

We currently have multiple rentals up and running within the Purge sim.

• Sim Houses •

Old London Houses Available (6)
L$350/per week with a 400 Prim Limit.
NOTE: Trees can be removed if you'd like them gone to get more space within your parcel.

• Store Rental •

Current Stores Available (14)
L$200/per week a 100 Prim Limit.

• Skyboxes •
L$350/per week with 400 Prim Limit

If you intend to stay in your rental, please make sure you keep the payment meter located on your property topped up. If your payment runs out, it will show overdue in red above the meter. If payment is not made within 12 hours of it going overdue, the rental will auto evict and the rental will go back to being available at the end of the 12 hour period.
We will not be held responsible for any items that may get lost during the return, so please be careful and remove them if you are leaving.

If you need help, please contact Eвαηү (Ebbers). 
If I am not online during this time please send a notecard with your concerns or questions.

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