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Engraved Copperplate Print? Any tips?

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So, I took a photo and just started playing around with various tools and filters, and soon 'realized' that I wanted to make it into a sort of copperplate print - but apart from a few scripts for PS that seemed to work a bit 'meh', I found no tutorials - the closest I found was turning it into a graphite sketch.ย 

Did anyone try to do something like that and have any success? What's your secret?

Here's how mine turned out:


The Franken-Tower

And here's a real copperplate print to compare:

Relaterad bild

I think the main thing I'm not entirely pleased with, is how white the white areas are. I want more noise, but not just HVS noise but those little scratches.

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I think your best chance would be either make a slight version of it with a cooper texture and then make bump maps and specular for this so it has that engraved appearance.

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I like the effect shown in this tutorial for getting some sort ofย effect similar to copperplate engraving. Doesn't look like a simple one-click action type thing, though. Just take what you've done so far and apply what's in the tutorial.


I think for this effect, you're looking for lines that flow with the surface of the subject in the scene. Your picture is relatively straight surfaces, so it's not as tricky. The land/water could possibly be a bit wavy and maybe just a tad of engraving for the atmosphere. You can mask out areas to apply effects. But, it's totally up to you. :)

FYI - I was playing around a bit and the filters Graphic Pen or the Halftone Paper (set to Line) might get some effects you're interested in. Liquify or Distortion/Warping might be useful for giving line/engraving effectsย some dynamics and flow.

Some additional reference shots I was looking at for examination of copperplate prints.



http://www.rareoldprints.com/p/13995/$FILE/Gregory's 1.JPG

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