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Club Texas

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Club Texas Presents: The Best In Trance and Metal Hits, For Your Trancing and Headbanging Pleasures!

However Rap nor Death Metal is tolerated.



We are currently hiring at Club Texas, if you know how to spin, host and well, dancing is easy. You can pick up an application to @ Club Texas and return it to Ravenzclaw the owner.

Appearances: Matter! You must put work into your Avatar as we require you to look professional.

Club Attire: Anything goes as long as you don't show up nude at our club.

Attitude: Have a positive attitude, negativity does NOT belong here!Snapshot_010.thumb.jpg.e9112b6e0395fd38899b37d4f9d5e8a9.jpgSnapshot_008.thumb.jpg.df70747b093dc0a8865d281c97e2acf1.jpgSnapshot_009.thumb.jpg.63aa3268c4c89a609672f522166066a1.jpg



We do respect everyone's choices in Second Life, however at the Club we hope that you respect our choices and rules as well. This is a NO BITE ZONE and you will be reported and banned.

(On that note please do not make me out to be some sort of fool, I know Progeny and NoE very well.)

1. No Racism.

2. No Furries.

3. No Spamming.

4. No child avatars.

5. No Pushing or Shoving.

6. No Discrimination against anyone's sexual preference.

7. OPEN CHAT ONLY! Do not IM or harass the DJs, Host, and Dancers. No one here is interested in sex with you, we are all here to have a good time! You will be giving three warnings after the 3rd you will be removed.

8. Always Respect the entertainers and everyone in the Club.

9. No one is allowed on the Dancer Poles.

10. No nudity this is NOT a strip Club!

11. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Your Limo Awaits ~~~~~~> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Demorgan/69/54/52

Edited by RavenzClaw

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